Confidence is fine but overconfidence at times can lead you into trouble. 

Something similar happened with actor Rishi Kapoor on Sunday when the Indian cricket team lost the match to Pakistan with 180 runs in the ICC Champions Trophy finals. 

b’Image Source: AFP’

A few days ago, like many other cricket fans, even the 64-year-old actor was cheering for team Pakistan in the semi-final match against England. The reason was only to witness the much-anticipated match between India and Pakistan. 

Soon after, Pakistan made its way to the finals beating England, Rishi Kapoor took to Twitter to not only express his joy but also to share his predictions before hand, which obviously was in favor of India. 

However, his tweet did not go down too well among some of the Pakistani supporters. 

While many fans did come out in support of the actor. 

He himself tried giving it back to some of the trolls.

Rishi, later, decided to let it go in the next few tweets as it looked like the Twitter war was turning into a never ending debate. 

We all know that Pakistan didn’t win a single match against India in the longest time. And the anticipation was kind of obvious. However, contradictory to the actor’s prediction, the scene turned ugly on Sunday and team India unfortunately lost to Pakistan. 

Rishi, nonetheless, was seen taking the loss in a good spirit. 

Following his congratulatory message to team Pakistan, he once again was trolled on social media for his overconfident attitude. 

, the actor did what he’s best at doing !

Well, what Rishi Kapoor learnt this time is: 

And, the lesson what Indian fans learnt here was :

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