Yo Yo Honey Singh fans swear by him & believe that he is one of a kind. But apparently not so! It turns out Yo Yo has a huge fan or perhaps a doppelganger across the border in Pakistan who has not only adopted his style of music but even his looks, mannerisms & dancing style.  And guess what, his name is Yo Yo..Ali Jaan. Belting out songs that bear striking resemblance to Honey Singh's hit numbers, this other Yo-Yo himself has garnered a pretty decent fan base in Pakistan. However, there are rumors that the original Yo-Yo may have been considering suing the duplicate Yo-Yo. Perhaps that's why the latter has now changed his name to Poko Loko Ali Jaan. Either way, if you're a Honey Singh fan, it might be worth your time to check out this guy!

Here are two of his most famous tracks:

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