A sultry august afternoon and I’m in class 8 again. 40 odd students attending a history lesson, with half the population of the class yawning away to glory, or simply dozing off. History has always been that one subject that is followed by a yawn or an eye roll. You have to be really lucky to find that one person who’s remotely excited about the subject.  

However, the older we get, and begin to understand things, and the saner we become, we tend to realise the utmost importance of learning about our past and our country. It is this past history, and the stories that unfolded, that have led to where we stand today as a society. It is this past, that not only let’s us never forget how far we’ve come, but also stands as an inspiration to our future generations – an inspiration to never give up, and strive for what we believe in.  

The historical drama Panipat, is one such film that is hell bent on bringing back the glorious, rich past of our country, into the present. Here are 5 reasons why it’s a must watch!  

1. An enriching experience 

Two words. Entertaining and educational!

Movies that are educational and are an enriching experience have my heart. They serve a dual purpose where you can sit back, relax and watch a movie; and at the end of 3 hours you leave with a wider perspective and knowledge of things. Do I need to say more?   

2. The highlighting of the value of culture 

This movie beautifully captures the spirit of the Marathas. The ideals that they stood behind and the heights they were willing to reach for their people.  

3. The broadening of our horizon  

The one thing that I absolutely love about educational movies is the fact that, it not only is a treat to watch, but is also impactful and stays with you for a very long time – etched in your mind. 

 4. Historical drama as a genre  

Historical dramas, are one such movie genre that stands apart from your usual silver screen entertainment. Making way for a different kind of love and appreciation for them, with humongous amounts of research and resources that are involved. You just know that it’s going to be a treat to watch!  

5. People from around the globe coming to experience the culture they see on screen 

It goes without saying that bollywood movies create quite a stir globally, with millions watching them across the world. This leads to a lot of people from around the world coming to the country, in search of the mesmerising culture and rich history of India.   

All in all, Panipat is a much-watch movie! Also the movie is tax free in Maharashtra. So people, don’t forget to book your tickets now and watch the history and the spirit of the Marathas, unfold before your eyes. 

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