Say 'Aham Brahmasmi' & Take This Quiz To Find Out Which Iconic Pankaj Tripathi Character Are You?

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Pankaj Tripathi a.k.a the one guy who can execute any role oh-so-beautifully. He does it with such finesse while being grounded that we can't help but find ourselves in any role he picks. Be it the comical Rudra Bhaiya or the calm and composed Kaleen Bhaiya that we find ourselves thinking "I'd do the same."

So, take this quiz and find out which Pankaj Tripathi character are you?

1. What type of movie will you go for on your date night?

2. What is your go-to colour when it comes to choosing an outfit? 

3. What type of profession would you choose? 

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4. When in a problem, what is your instant reaction?

5. What type of music genre do you like? 

6. What does your workout regime look like? 

7. Who is your favourite superhero?

8. If you could keep a pet which one would you choose?

9. What is your favorite snack/dish?

Toh pata chala which one are you? 


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