The Academy Award-winning film Parasite that made history by becoming the first foreign-language film to win the Oscar for the Best Picture is all set to have a T.V series based on it.

With Bong Joon-Ho as one of the executive producers alongside Adam McKay, HBO is all set to make an American remake of this South-Korean masterpiece. 


That’s not all, rumour has it that the Incredible Hulk a.k.a Mark Ruffalo will be joining the cast of Parasite’s T.V series as the father. And these rumours might have a bit of truth in them as, during the C2E2 over the weekend, this incredible hunk spilled the tea

We’ve met. I love him (Bong Joon-Ho), I love that movie. I might be playing the father in Parasite on a television show. I would love to do it. We’re sort of waiting on the script and all that, but yeah, that’s pretty much true and in the works

While we don’t know when HBO’s limited series will be out or how it’ll be remodeled according to the American audience we’re very excited about this T.V series.