Kick back, plug in your headphones, and travel back in time with me.

1. This was before Britney’s life became a roller coaster.

2. Go cheetah get banana, hey monkey get funky.

3. Backstreet’s back awwwwwwwright!

4. This song was a blast!

5. Try getting this song out of your head.

6. This song is love. This song is life.

7. The lyrics changed my life.

8. Un dos tres luagrakuljbfslkuehrowhluhgalskubgseuirghsldkufbgliudfhg Maria…

9. This desert rose LA LA

10. Speaking of deserts…

11. The most chill song of my childhood.

12. 2sexy4you

13. *bobs head*

14. You remember those honest hips?

15. Didi di di di di di didididididididi

16. I still don’t know what this song means.

17. JLo was SO hot!

18. You did this step. Admit it, you did!

19. It did’t matter if you didn’t know the lyrics.

20. Still one of the best rappers around.

21. La la la la lies.

22. YOLO before it was so mainstream. Just listen to the lyrics.

23. Who the fuck is Alice?

24. What do women want?

25. This list would be incomplete without…

26. Even Homer Simpson jammed to this one!

27. You remember that time?