In 1992, Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar brought a fresh perceptive about brotherhood, friendship and campus life.  

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But in addition to everything else, this Aamir Khan starrer movie made us understand love and romance in its true form by introducing us to Pehla Nasha.

Pehla Nasha was not just some song, it was a love anthem. This was a song that 90s kids associated with their first romance, their first crush, or maybe the first time they ever understood love.

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It was a song which didn't really smother us, it just effortlessly made us remember all those 'butterflies in the stomach' moments when everything around us seemed all too perfect. When that feeling of love made us smile all day for no apparent reason. 

Udta hi phiroon in hawaon mein kahin
Ya main jhool jaoon in ghataon mein kahin
Ek kar doon aasmaan aur zameen
Kaho yaaron kya karoon kya nahin

Udit Narayan & Sadhana Sargam's melodious voices along with Aamir Khan and Ayesha Jhulka's adorable yet innocent friendship made the viewers understand 'pyaar dosti hai' way before we had Rahul (KKHT) to tell us about it. 

Pehla Nasha, Pehla Khumar
Naya pyaar hai naya intezaar
Kar loon main kya apna haal
Aye dil-e-bekaraar
Mere dil-e-bekaraar
Tu hi bata...

The lyrics of the song still make us think of all those times when our crush talked to us for the very first time and it felt like a dream came true. It reminds us of all those little innocent interactions with our first love which still makes us blush like a 14-year-old. 

Usne baat ki kuch aise dhang se
Sapne de gaya vo hazaaron range ke
Reh jaun jaise main haar ke
Aur choome woh mujhe pyaar se

It makes us look back at that period in our lives when all the love songs started to make sense and dancing alone in our rooms on those songs was our favourite pastime. 

Pehla Nasha is truly the love ballad that makes us cherish all those sweet memories of our pehla pehla pyaar. 

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