The internet loves good-ol’ Bollywood gossip, and Reddit is no different. A video of Renil Abraham interviewing the founders of Team Naach, Nicole Concessao and Sonal Devraj, who retold an unpleasant experience with an actor, has gone viral. 

In the video, Renil asks them about a star who would be a ‘nightmare’ to work with, and their response is a full-blown description of a female actor who gave them the cold shoulder. Oooo, things just got interesting. 

But it’s in the comments section of this Reddit thread, that the actual drama lies, as people try to guess who the actor is. And there are some wild claims being made. 

You can watch the full interview by Renil Abraham for Zoom, here:

Kareena, Katrina, Alia, Kiara, Madhuri… the list goes on. But all we can make are guesses. 

Who do you think they’re talking about?

All images are screenshots from the Reddit thread.