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I recently came across the trailer for Rani Mukherjee’s latest movie ‘Hichki’ and as the title suggested, I presumed that the protagonist must be dealing with a hiccup situation. But the story turned out to be slightly different. Rani’s character faces difficulties in getting hired as she suffers from a condition called Tourette Syndrome which causes periodic flinching. It was heartbreaking to see that despite all sorts of efforts, she still had to go through great lengths in order to get noticed. 

To find out if it happens only in movies or in real life as well, folks at Indeed asked people to share the professional hiccups they’ve experienced and the answers were inspiring.  

1. Fell down a hundred times, rose again for another hundred.

2. Ah, procrastination. Our age-old nemesis. 

3. Eat. Sleep. Work. ^Live Life… and then Repeat. 

 4. Getting over immense losses to live on for dreams. 

Not just Tweeple, even celebs joined the bandwagon and urged India to get to work.

Here’s Anusha sharing her struggles of getting rid of the NRI tag. 

Soha Ali Khan talks about coming out of the shadows of filmy legacy.

The important thing here, all employers should realize is that a person must be judged by his/her skills and not be discriminated because of shortcomings that are beyond their control. Hichki as a movie for ‘New India’ reflects exactly that. To carry the good word of the movie, Indeed – a job search engine has opened up opportunities for job seekers by eliminating such obstacles faced by them and helped them find their dream job. 

The #IndiaLetsGetToWork initiative is a great way to voice the spirit of following ambitions by each and every job seeker who faces any sort of prejudice. It’s great to see that people are coming out and motivating others to turn their weaknesses into strengths. And it’s for the first time a job search engine has used a medium like a freakin’ movie to talk about democratizing opportunity for all in the “New India”. 

Let’s hope organizations get inspired and implement the same. My two cents – everyone is already surrounded by the pressure to perform, the least you could do is to give these people an equal environment to hustle.