People all over the world have been asking Netflix to stream FRIENDS and on New Year’s Eve, Netflix UK & Ireland finally delivered.

In style.


Now, so many of us would kill to get a chance to watch the entire series again with a fresh memory – for the very first time.


However, there are many lucky peeps out there, who have that chance and their reactions are purely priceless.

Having watched every episode at least 10 times, first reactions are so much fun.

Yes, she does.

Okay, but people need to cut Ross some slack. He gets better as the series progresses. Calm down y’all.

Same, Alisha, same.


These people have got their priorities right.

Because it’s, oh so relatable!

I regret nothing.

That’s exactly what you do when you’re stressed with life issues.

More fans to the binge watch re-runs club. Yaay!