Corporate work culture is probably the strangest social construct we’ve created as humans. It’s pretty much a make-believe world with rules we’ve to follow that, if you think about it, is actually kinda whack. I mean, the idea that you’ve to have some amount of social elegance and know how to say what in every waking moment to move up in an organisation is literally the most Matrix-oriented human behaviour ever to exist. But, it’s also undeniable that we do need jobs, because well, money makes the world go round and so maybe we need to understand corporate work culture a little better to survive it.

This is why this tweet by @em_Lazzy asking people the biggest lesson employment has taught them is probably a good place to start, because people have really pitched in and answered the question with significant wisdom.

Here, take a look for yourself:

I feel like we’ve created some jobs and titles to help ourselves feel more in control of our existence. Because do we really need to take on so much stress in life for professional occupations that don’t actually see us as anything more than a resource?