When I look at certain celebrities, I sometimes wonder how they must have been in their childhood or around their friends during their school or college days. Even though there was no way to learn that, I always wished that I would meet someone who could spill the beans.

It looks like my prayers were heard as several people on the internet, who went to school with different celebrities, revealed how these famous celebs were in their academic years. Let’s read!


1. “I went to the same school as all the Roy Kapur brothers. Siddharth was the head boy – the teacher’s favorite and extremely good-looking kid. Everyone knew the three brothers at school but Siddharth was the star. They came from a rich family and lived very close to school.”Necessary-Theory-195


2. “A cousin used to study in the same school as Agastya and Navya in Delhi. He told me that he never realized who they were because the school never gave any preferential treatment to them.”Spirited_Secretary35


3. “My mother was a classmate of Madhuri Dixit. I too studied in the same school. She still remembers fondly. Whenever there used to be a free period, Madhuri used to close the doors of the classroom and perform classical dance in front of her classmates. She also said that Madhuri used to win many awards for dance on state, national, and other levels and she used to be felicitated often in front of everyone during the morning assembly for the accolades she won. She was also fond of singing. Even though she was so talented, she was very humble, simple and sweet.” dantrolly


4. “My dad was classmates with Madhavan at the Loyola School in Jamshedpur. Madhavan also used to come to my dada ji’s tuition classes in the evening. My dad just told me he was a nice kid, was weak in math but very good in English and public speaking.” FluffyBunnies301


5. “My sister was in the same school as Priyanka Chopra. The photo studio, where she got her photoshoot done and sent the pictures for the Miss World contest, became a hundred times more famous after she won. She also donated and visited the studio some years ago, for respect. She was in an all-girls school.” sverm03


6. “An ex-friend was in the same school as Alia Bhatt and said she was very sweet and wasn’t academic. She has had the same group of friends since school.” miserablePhD


7. “My cousin was studying in Columbia at the same time Sara Ali Khan was and I met her during a party. She was decent, not bratty, and in general fun. Not an outstanding personality but fun. Ranbir Kapoor’s cousin, Aadar Jain, is a very nice and homely person. Also, I go to a gym where the Adani family goes. They are also very humble people, have no interest in the limelight, and are pretty religious.”cinnamongirl14


8. “My husband was senior to Ayushmann Khurrana in college. He asked my husband if he could please cut in line in front of him as he had an audition and didn’t want to miss it. Apparently, the audition was for Roadies, so I always joke that he owes my husband for letting him start his career.”captainccg


9. “My friend went to DAIS and said that Aryan Khan was a snob. He once participated in a race with bare feet, even though it was against the rules and did so forcibly. Suhana was okay. Saif’s kids are incredibly good looking IRL.”sydneycoldbrew


10. “Tripti Dimri was a year senior to me in high school and I interacted with her a lot of times. She wasn’t good at studies or sports at all, but she was pretty sweet. She had a close set of selected girls and they usually hung out a lot. She knew she wanted to go for modeling since then. I lost touch with her after I changed schools.” stuckintrouble


11. “My brother studied with Aarav. He said he was nice to him because he was his friend but is otherwise very snobbish. The Nene brothers are very well-raised and polite. Aryan Khan, from limited interactions, is quiet, well-raised and mature. He keeps to himself and hence, can come across as aloof.” SorrynotStrawberry


12. “I know Ranveer Singh through friends who went to school with him in Indiana. He was goofy, not really into studies, and liked to party. He took business classes with my friends and they said he would always ask for answers. He was not really a looker but really charming.” uksiddy


13. “My uncle went to the same school as Shah Rukh Khan and he tells us that he was a mischievous kid and was dil ka saaf.”Anonymous


14. “Vicky Kaushal was someone who most wouldn’t ever notice. He was just like another kid in the school, even in his engineering college time, he was your regular college-going kid. Most people were actually surprised to know that he actually shifted his career towards acting after completing engineering and definitely no one expected him to get this big a star.”unbehemoth


15. “Kriti Sanon, went to Jaypee with my sister, same batch. Met her a couple of times at birthday parties. We met her after the success of Diwale and she was still chill. Also, Tapsee Pannu was with me at Shiamak. She was a senior and in the special talent batch and she is actually a good dancer. She used to take a couple of classes for us summer funk kids and she has a very typical Delhi way of talking which hasn’t changed. She was quite confident back then as well.” –thriftoe


Now that was an interesting read!