Some influencers ask businesses for free products and free stays in exchange for ‘collaborations’ and ‘features.’ And, many believe that isn’t justified.

These businesses stood their ground and exposed influencers for asking for free products and being rude to them for refusing their ‘offer’. 

1. This artist has the perfect reply for influencers who ask for free products. He gives them an offer that they can’t help but, refuse. 

2. The Moose Cafe banned all bloggers from their property after an influencer asked for a free stay at their property in exchange for featuring the hotel for free. 

3. The White Banana Beach Club had to ask self-proclaimed influencers to stop sending them messages and e-mails for collaborations.

4. This ice cream place was so fed up of influencers, they had to introduce a ‘special offer’ to give them a reality check. 

5. Christopher Jesse Okon, a self-proclaimed influencer asked a pub for a free takeaway meal in exchange for advertising the local eatery, Four Legs. This savage reply by the pub won the internet.

6. This influencer asked for free food in exchange for a collaboration and got exposed on Instagram. 

7. This influencer was hoping to get free complimentary meals but she got a lecture instead. 

8. This influencer asked for a personal drawing in exchange for likes. “Likes don’t pay the bills.” What a reply!

9. This influencer asked for free products in exchange for a collaboration. The company gave a befitting reply. 

10. Laura Worthington of Laura’s Little Bakery was sick of influencers asking for freebies. This is what she did to stop it.

11. This influencer begged for free goodies and he had to be turned down.

12. This influencer asked for 2-3 days worth of free ice cream in exchange for a few posts.

13. This self-proclaimed guru was exposed for bragging about how much money he makes.

14. This influencer asked for free food in exchange for a post.

15. A not-so-famous chef offers an award-winning restaurant exposure. And, that certainly didn’t go down well.

16. An influencer bluntly asked a catering company to provide food for 300-320 guests for free. Why?

17. Lashing out on someone just because they denied your ‘collaboration’ request? How is that even justified?

18. This influencer asked a restaurant for a free meal in exchange for a post.

19. Believe it not, this influencer was hunting for a personal trainer who would pay her for giving them a ‘once-in-a-lifetime opportunity’ to train her.

20. This influencer asked a photographer to click pictures for free in exchange for a feature.

21. This fashion influencer asked a small business for money to feature their products on her story.

22. This influencer lost his cool after a restaurant denied him a free meal in exchange for a IG post.

23. This influencer asked for money to feature a song, written by someone else, on their profile.

24. This influencer asked for a free meal in exchange for a collaboration.

25. This bride tried to get a photographer to shoot her wedding for free. Yeah, like that’s going to happen.

26. This influencer lost his cool after being denied a free request.

27. This influencer wanted to collaborate with a restaurant for a free meal in exchange for a feature.

28. This influencer also asked for free food in exchange for posts.

29. This influencer asked for complimentary services from a restaurant in exchange for a post.

30. This guy wanted free rent to be a ‘live-in influencer.’ What does that even mean?

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