‘As long as you set your mind and heart to it, nothing is impossible in this world.’

Do you take this life mantra way too seriously? Is B+ as bad as failing to you? Does the word ‘average’ make you want to cry? Are you your own harshest critic? Do you think that things can only go your way or the highway? Do you always try to make things superbly impeccable?

If your answers to most of these was were affirmative, you’re a quintessential perfectionist. If the supposed imperfection of things  irks the hell out of you, you’ll know what we mean when we say:

1. You spend long hours contemplating ‘mistakes’ you have made and how you could have done things better.

2. You’re addicted to your organiser and calendar. You can do without food but you just can’t do without them.

3. Your perfection ka keeda bites you everywhere. Writin in Internet lingo lyk dis makez U want 2 burn D world.

4. It’s perfection and not vanity that makes you one of those who take a long time to get ready. Obviously, you need to look perfect before you can walk out of home.

5. You’re unbelievably hard to please. People have died trying to live up to your expectations.

6. And then y ou regret wasting so much time contemplating. You realize you could have utilized it to perfect something in the present.

7. You are highly judgemental about people who are disorganised, lazy and indisciplined.

8. To you, perfection is more important than deadlines. You have repeatedly missed deadlines to make your work reach new levels of awesomess .

9. Your friends get crazy mad at you because you keep trying correct them, even when they are not wrong.

10. And even if you aren’t correcting them, you are just too critical all the time!

11. You’re very methodical.  You want things to be done in certain way. Every step MUST be followed strictly.

12. You’re the most hated person in group projects because you take over everybody else’s work on the pretext of ‘polishing’ it.

13. You are highly conscious of making mistakes in public: mispronunciations, clumsiness and wrong facts drive you up the wall. Even when NO ONE noticed.

hOw DOes tHiS mAke u fiLL gAAaiiizzzz?