It’s no secret that every To All The Boys… movie has had us pining for the dreamy Peter Kavinsky (Noah Centineo). But the best part about finishing the last leg of the series AKA To All The Boys: Always And Forever was that we saw a more mature and an absolutely perfect boyfriend in Peter.        

Every single scene in the movie made us go ‘aww’ and made us wish that Peter was our boyfriend. He legit raised the ‘boyfriend bar’ and here are all the reasons why. 

1. When he surprised Lara with a glittery ‘welcome home’ poster and flowers after her trip from Korea. 

2. When he shunned toxic masculinity by applying face masks with his girl.   

3. When he celebrated Lara’s admission into Stanford by painting his jeep, screaming her name and playing songs on a speaker outside her house. 

4. When he asked Lara Jean out to senior prom at the diner they both had their first date at. 

5. When he cutely broke the rules and took Lara Jean out past curfew time to roam around New York during their school trip. 

6. When Lara Jean broke the news to Peter that she wasn’t accepted in their dream college and his first reaction was to know if she is doing okay. 

7. When Peter opened up about his deepest insecurities to Lara Jean. 

8. When Lara Jean told Peter that she wants to study at NYU and Peter understood that they need to do what’s best for their future.    

9. When Peter was made Prom King. But despite all the attention he was getting, he made sure that he devotes his time to his girlfriend. 

10. When Peter wrote the most memorable yearbook entry, described their cutest ‘meet-cute’. He also assured Lara how he wants to be beside her and not stop her from living her dreams. 

11. All his adorable kisses and bear hugs. 

But hey, it wasn’t just us who were jealous of Lara Jean for having a boyfriend as amazing as Peter. Twitter too was smitten by him. 

Can someone find us a Peter Kavinsky?