While Adele is jetting around the world, promoting her new album 25 and topping the charts, there is something else stealing part of her limelight – the gorgeous man tasked with guarding her.

Peter V an Der Veen , Adele’s hot new bodyguard, is causing a frenzy on social media with his alarmingly good looks and a body chiseled by angels. Check out the hot hunk accompanying the singing sensation.

Source: hollywoodlife.com

Look at his chiseled jaw, shaved head and striking blue eyes. No wonder Twitter is flooding with flirtatious mails directed to him.

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And when the shirt comes off, the temperature just keeps rising. This hottie just keeps getting hotter!

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Really, the whole of Europe agrees. The Dutchman is a former bodybuilder crowned Mr Europe in 2005, after which he took it upon himself to protect beautiful babes.

Before he signed to keep Adele safe, the sexy hunk was a bodyguard to Lady Gaga.

Of course, the Internet cannot contain itself after getting a glimpse at his arresting good looks. Peter V an Der Veen is actually setting fire to the rain all over social media, and we just can’t get enough of him!