Let’s all agree that the one guilty pleasure we all had during this period of quarantine was to watch the erotic thriller 365 Days on Netflix.   

Now, while woman around the globe have been swooning over this Polish movie’s leading man, Michele Morrone, there have been others who are asking Netflix to ban this problematic film.  

The movie received a lot of criticism not only by viewers but also celebrities like singer-songwriter Duffy who said that the movie eroticises kidnapping and distorts sexual violence and trafficking.   

After this, a petition on Change.org asking Netflix to remove 365 Days from its platform has been doing the rounds. This petition launched by social media figure Mikayla Zazon is accusing the film of ‘glorifying Stockholm Syndrome’ and mocking victims of abuse.  

Netflix clearly stands on the side of the abusers by having a movie that glorifies, romanticizes, and condones sexual assault trending on their top 10 recommended movies to watch around the globe. As a social media public figure and a victim of these crimes, I am outraged and heartbroken that this movie shows up on teens’ ‘watch next’ recommendation. 

The bigger piece of news is that the petition has already gained over 77,000 signs in a matter of days. 


However, after Duffy’s criticism a spokesperson for Netflix revealed that they won’t be removing the movie from the platform. He also added that they believe in offering members “more choice and control over their Netflix viewing experience.  

Members can choose what they do and do not want to watch by setting maturity filters at a profile level and removing specific titles to protect from content they feel is too mature. 

Well, let’s hope the petition does its job. 

All images sourced from Netflix.