The season finale of the shortest season of Game of Thrones was the longest episode of the series so far and barring a few plot details (read as Theon Greyjoy fighting some dude from the Iron Islands), the episode gave a lot of information that the fans had been dying to hear.

We finally learnt Jon Snow’s real name, saw the power of the undead Viserion and were even teased by Tyrion’s changing personality but the events at Winterfell deserve our special attention here.

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Just to remind you, it was Jon Arryn’s death that triggered the events of Game of Thrones. Of course, life existed in their universe prior to that as well, but we are told about everything in flashbacks. It was Arryn’s death that raised suspicion amongst the houses of Stark & Lannister. This was the death that brought Ned to King’s Landing and eventually triggered the War of the Five Kings.

And who caused that death? Petyr ‘Littlefinger’ Baelish.


The man came from nothing. He wasn’t a master swordsman but it was his smartness that helped him climb the ladder of chaos.

Petyr Baelish fell in love with Catelyn Stark when he was a little boy. He came from a House that didn’t have any money or ships but were considered noblemen. It was for his love that he entered a duel against Brandon Stark, the man Catelyn was betrothed to. He lost badly but it was probably after that loss that Littlefinger decided to take his fate into his own hands.

He planted the letter that suggested Lannisters’ involvement in Jon Arryn’s death.


It was his dagger that was used in Bran Stark’s assassination attempt.


He was the man who betrayed Ned Stark in King’s Landing.

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As long as he was alive, Baelish knew he had to play the game and of all the people in Westeros, he had the maximum motivation to go to any lengths to win the Iron Throne. 

He married for the throne and he killed for it.


He fell in love with Catelyn’s daughter, Sansa, but treachery had become a part of his personality, and he treated her like a pawn when he got her married to Ramsay Bolton.


The man who came from no money started his huge business of brothels. His network of informants was even bigger than Lord Varys’ and he made sure that every step he took in this vicious game of political struggle, was a step towards the Iron Throne.

There was certainly no villain better than Joffrey Baratheon but if there is a close second, it had to be Petyr Baelish.


In a show like Game of Thrones where death doesn’t count the good deeds of a character, the balance of heroes and villains is pretty crucial. One conniving look by Baelish, restored that balance immediately.

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The man who started it all is now dead and in many ways, his death signals the beginning of the end.