There is no doubt that this high school rom-com made a home in our hearts instantly as soon as it first hit our television screens in 2018. With a heart-warming storyline and swoon-worthy characters, we are forever indebted to the franchise.

To relive their journey once again, here’s how the cast looked then, vs how they look now.

1. Joey King AKA Rochelle ‘Elle’ Evans

2. Joel Courtney AKA Lee Flynn

3. Jacob Elordi AKA Noah Flynn

4. Meganne Young AKA Rachel

5. Stephen Jennings AKA Mike Evans

6. Molly Ringwald AKA Sara Flynn

7. Taylor Zakhar Perez AKA Marco Valentin Peña

8. Maisie Richardson-Sellers AKA Chloe Winthrop

Design Credits: Nidhi Tiwari

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