Hitesh Bhatia-directorial Sharmaji Namkeen was a slice-of-life comedy that filled us with a cocktail of emotions. 

Rishi Kapoor and Paresh Rawal in the starring role walked us through the journey of a 58-year-old retired man who met a bunch of merry women at a kitty party where he could escape the humdrum of his post-retirement life.

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The stories of these chirpy women interspersed with Sharmaji’s made this film a more wholesome watch. At the kitty party, we had a peek into sexism, female sexuality, and the significance of a woman’s career. And watching Juhi Chawla seated on the couch felt as refreshing as a shot of nimbu paani on a hot summer day. 

Veena Manchanda aka Juhi Chawla, a boutique owner, and a kitty party ally, added the right amount of sweetness to this namkeen film.

Every second she graced our screens with her presence was nothing short of a beautiful dream.

The fact that even after decades she looks as breathtaking as in her early years is testimony to her graceful ageing.

She personifies grace, and whether or not she is smiling, she never fails to bring a smile to our cheeks.

Literally us while simping over Juhi Chawla’s timeless beauty:

You can watch Sharmaji Namkeen on Amazon Prime Video