They say you don't make a deal with the devil. But, conditions apply. If the devil is as beguiling as Tom Ellis playing Lucifer, you may put your soul on the line and get ready to dance like a fool to his charms.

One time I don't mind using the pick-up line, 'Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?'

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All he needs to say is 'hello detective', and our hearts start beating faster, slightly more than the usual, every time.

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Do you know Tom is a fine musician as well? Father really made you on Sunday. Heaven is empty, all the talent is here.

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Ah, the hell's breaking loose.

Who needs torture devices when the devil himself carves souls with his eyes? 

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What are you looking at? Our hearts are your pandemonium. You may rule.

Look at him standing there ignorant of the wreckage his allure has caused. Our calm is compromised, burnt, and dusted. We are converted, oh gods of all things hella fine.

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Cheekbones sharper than George R. R. Martin's pen-axe, killing people one episode at a time.

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We don't know about you, but we're totally on board to ride with this devil. Hold our sanity.

We should have known this was going to end in flames.

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One gif to sum it all up.

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Just gonna stand there and watch us burn?

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Time to binge-watch Lucifer?