A few days ago, the trailer of upcoming movie Pihu was released, and while most people were appreciative of it- they were also slightly disturbed. 

The trailer shows a day in the life of a 2-year-old girl Pihu, who is alone at home with an unresponsive mother and does extremely frightening things like using the gas stove and climbing the railing of the balcony.


Now, to promote the movie, the makers came up with a strange strategy which did not go down well with people. 

Several traumatised people took to Twitter and said that they received a call from an unknown number, with a crying child on the other side. This call randomly got disconnected, leaving them panicked. 

YouTube/RSVP Movies

They later got a link to ‘help the child’, which happened to be the Pihu‘s trailer.

Other users responded to this, calling it ‘a terrible idea’ and ‘terrifying marketing’.

Responding to the criticism, movie’s producer Ronnie Screwwala said:

To each his own. The marketing team wanted to try something different with this film. Just because some people had an issue with it, doesn’t mean we’ll stop pushing the envelope.

The movie is said to be based on a true story.