Why does a Pokémon fan love watching the show? For those awesome gym battles, to discover new pokémons and to witness the greatest friendship of all time between Ash and his beloved Pikachu.     

But after 23 successful seasons of the anime show, what if we told you that it’s time to say goodbye to this friendship? No no, the show isn’t getting cancelled. Ash’s Pikachu may finally evolve into Raichu in Pokémon Journeys according to a leaked summary for episode 35 titled I Got Pikachu.  

There’s a Pikachu Outbreak-chu!! Satoshi’s Pikachu finally evolves into a Raichu?! During a new investigation, Go attempts to get a Pikachu and ends up meeting a very obliging female one! 

Apparently, in the episode it seems, the group stumbles upon a mass gathering of Pikachu who are digging for Thunderstones in order to evolve themselves. Ash’s Pikachu apparently has some sort of awakening after watchig this and decides now is the time.  

That’s right! An avid Pokémon fan would remember that Pikachu decided in the first season not to evolve after a tough loss at the Vermillion City Gym. However, in the 7th series (23rd season) of the Pokémon anime, Pikachu has proved that he’s unafraid to break that shell. 


Since 1997, the duo has been inseparable. It’s going to be the end of an era.