Amidst all the blatant sexism Bollywood is famous for routinely churning out – from item songs to stalkers shown as true-blue romantics – it’s always heartening to see films genuinely trying to change things around. At a time when women’s safety and equality is being questioned every minute, movies like Pink aren’t just entertainment but also a form of education for those who don’t know anything about respecting a woman’s choice. 

When a woman says ‘No’, it’s time for a man to stop. It’s as simple and as clear as that. And that’s exactly what Pink establishes, in a manner that’s gripping, effective and entertaining. With fabulous performances from the entire cast, especially Amitabh Bachchan and Taapse Pannu, if you haven’t seen the film yet, you’re really missing out on something. 

What we loved most about the film were the fantastic dialogues. These aren’t just lines; they are a mockery of our society’s double standards. They’re also guidelines for those who need to learn to respect a woman. 

We’ve compiled the best dialogues from the film. Feel free to share these with whoever you think needs them the most:

Creatives by Utkarsh Tyagi.