After Purl, which was an adorable crash course on workplace equality, Pixar's SparkShorts has come up with a new animation movie Kitbull, that talks about unexpected friendships that often crop up in trying circumstances. 

The short film presents the story of a feral street cat, scared of new people and thunder and fiercely defensive and how she ends up befriending an affectionate yet scared Pitbull. 

The small animation movie beautifully shows how, despite facing abuse from his owner, the Pitbull helps a fellow animal when needed. And when the cat observes the Pitbull craving love and affection she lets go her initial inhibitions to give him a chance.

What follows is a beautiful story of characters letting go of 'expected' animosity to develop 'unexpected' companionship. Watch the movie here

With its new animation program SparkShorts, Pixar is definitely presenting stories that leave an impact with their simplicity, and we're hoping for more such gems in the future. 

All images are screenshots from the movie on YouTube.