From Inside Out to Up, Pixar has often managed to talk about the most serious of topics in the most adorable, feel-good manner. 

And from the trailer of its latest film, Soul, it looks to be taking on the issue of life and death through its protagonist, the soul of a musician Joe. 

Joe, an aspiring musician, accidentally falls into an open manhole on what is the ‘best day of his life’. Next thing he knows, he is a soul about to be sent off to heaven – only he doesn’t want to.  

And thus, he ends up rushing into the ‘Great Before’, a place where new souls are trained to enter the Earth. He attempts to teach new souls what it means to ‘live’, even as they show him the virtues of ‘afterlife’. 

The trailer definitely has us contemplating life and death but with the cutest protagonist ever. You can watch the trailer here: 

All images are screenshots from the trailer. The film releases on June 19.