The phallus is everywhere. From the shiv ling to the gear box, from the hot dog to the Qutub Minar, the representation of a phallus is almost everywhere. Some consider it a happy coincidence while others reckon it is deeply symbolic. Phallus adoration has been going on for centuries and all around the world people celebrate and worship the penis even to this day. Therefore, we bring you 15 of the world’s most powerful phallic worship destinations.

1. Kanamara Matsuri — Kawasaki, Japan

Known for their weird traditions, Japanese usually do things unlike the rest of the world. And one such thing is the Kanamara Matsuri festival aka the “Festival of the Steel Phallus”. On the first Sunday of April, this festival is celebrated to encourage fertility and marital bliss among couples. 

b’Source: Huffington Post’
b’Source: Huffington Post’

2. Chao Mae Tuptim Shrine – Bangkok, Thailand

Located discreetly behind a hotel franchise sits Bangkok’s shrine of magic dildos. The Shrine honours Chao Mae Tubtim, a female fertility spirit. Women come here to wish for children and then return with a wooden penis if the wish is fulfilled. 


3. Jeju Loveland — Jeju Island, South Korea

Built as a destination to teach newlyweds the carnal ropes, Jeju Loveland has blossomed into a cavalcade of artwork portraying people in mid-coitus and disembodied sexual appendages.


4. Bhutan Phallic Murals — Thimphu, Bhutan

For centuries, people in the tiny landlocked nation of Bhutan have sworn spiritual allegiance to a divine human organ: the phallus, or as we know it, the penis. It is not only a symbol of fertility, but also provides protection against evil spirits and gossip. 


5. The Icelandic Phallological Museum — Húsavík, Iceland

Started as a joke, this museum now boasts of having the largest collection of penis in the world. The collection boasts over 282 penis specimens from 93 different species of animals.

The Icelandic Phallological Museum
he Icelandic Phallological Museum

6. The Kharkhorin Rock – Erdene Zuu Monastery, Mongolia

This is massive penis shaped rock was erected to remind the monks not to stray from their celibacy. This is a second, larger penis erected because the earlier smaller one was apparently not doing the job. Ironically, it’s now considered as a place of worship, encouraging fertility and sexual liberation. 

John Allen Travel

7. Khajuraho Group of Monuments — Madhya Pradesh, India

Built between 950 and 1050, these group of monuments have intricate carvings on the outside and inside of temples. Some of these carvings show people engaged in all kinds of sexual acts. This was done because during that time temples were not only place of worship, but also teachings and Dharma, Artha, Moksha, and Kāma, all were taught. 


8. Hōnen Matsuri — Komaki, Japan

Just like Kanamara Matsuri, this festival is celebrated on the 15th of March every year, in hopes of fertility and fruitful harvests. 

The World Festival

9. The Cerne Abbas Giant — Dorset, England

A gargantuan chalk geoglyph of a fully erect pagan warrior is believed to be a symbol of fertility. According to local folklore, infertility can be cured by having sex on top of the giant’s massive erection.

The Telegraph

10. Bourani Festival — Tyrnavos, Greece

Celebrated every year by residents of Tyrnavos, Greece, this festival is about getting together with friends and family, singing crude songs, and teasing each other publicly with fake penises. 

Roddy Fraser

11. Museum of Sex — New York City, USA

Opened in 2002, Museum of Sex is aiming to chronicle the history, evolution and cultural significance of human sexuality. They have continuous rotating exhibitions and have curious tourists from all over the world. 

Wikkimedia Commons

12. Phra Nang Cave — Krabi Province, Thailand

According to locals, placing a penis shaped statue in the cave will grant sailers safe travels on the open seas. It is done to appease the spirit of Phra Nang.


13. Khalid Nabi Cemetery — Golestan province, Iran

In northeastern Iran is a burial ground like some other. It has almost 600 headstones in shape of erect penises and female breasts. 

Wikkimedia Commons

14. Mara Kannon Fertility Shrine — Tawarayama, Japan

Built in 1551, the shrine was erected to appease the spirit of a fallen ruler’s murdered son. Today, the Mara Kannon Fertility Shrine is a popular destination for couples hoping to conceive.


15. Haesindang Park — Sinnam, South Korea

In an effort to appease the spirit of a young woman, the villagers erected several gigantic penis sculptures on the beach. 

b’Source: Blogspot’

The world is a strangely phallic place, isn’t it?