If you search Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai + Marriage on Google, you get around 15,60,000 results.

Which is not normal.

But, it is understandable. 

The makers of the show love getting people divorced and married. In fact, there is one couple that has gotten married 6 times in the show.


That’s 6 times more than I want to get married, but hey, that’s me. One should do what they are into. 

And we all know what Kartik and Naira are into. Kissing through face shields.

But also, marrying each other over and over again – which is fair but sounds just a tad bit cumbersome. Just a little.

They got married at a “grand wedding” the first time around, then they had a nikah, then a Shiv-Parvati marriage (just go with it), then a church wedding, then a hospital wedding, then a temple wedding.



I think this is it when it comes to marriage. As for divorce, it has happened twice, and the second one got Ye Rishta… more than 8 MILLION impressions, so I mean their relationship isn’t working but the show definitely is.

Now if you think they haven’t tried the luck outside, you’re wrong. Kartik marries Vedika, who he conveniently dumps later.

Also, this isn’t it. There have been so many marriages on the show that there are actual YouTube video compilations on them.

I see 16 here? And this is from 2019, so I think we can safely add 2-3 more. 

Now, coming to the plot points: Why they keep getting separated. Well, the makers have got you covered in that department. 

You’ll get everything from brother’s drug addiction to brain clotting to a presumed death. Everything. Like, she meets with an accident, gets to the hospital, and just leaves for Goa?


I mean, woman, you separate properly, no? We all want to go to Goa but what are these strange tricks?

Oh, she is also presumed to be dead the second time when she falls off a cliff. Now, I don’t want to get ahead of myself but they should really check if she is chilling in Maldives, because you know, track record.

So that’s that about these two. Redifining toxicity, one wedding at a time.