Ranjan Raj, who won us over with his incredible performance as Meena in Kota Factory has become a crowd favourite.   

But did you know, that the actor has been doing this for as long as he can remember? His love for acting and the stage is something that he talks about beautifully in his monologue at IIT Bombay. Where he spoke of his first hilarious experience on stage. 

He speaks of his first play, his first performance and the love and encouragement his mother gave him through it all. 

From fainting on stage for the first time to messing up and confessing to a girl he liked, his mother supported him through it all. 

His unconditional love for his mother, who he lost a few years ago, will bring tears into your eyes as you watch him talk about her. 

He even reads out a letter she wrote to him before he went out of town to give his first performance. 

This line, this damn line. 

Watch the full clip here:

On and off screen, Ranjan Raj is truly too pure for this world. 

All images are screenshots from the video.
Design Credit – Nidhi Tiwari. 

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