When a love story comes to an end, no matter how quietly, it wrecks our sense of coherence, gazillion questions rumble in our minds like a tumult; but what comes out of our mouths, is not reflective of even a percent of it.

On this note, Priya Malik‘s poem, “When He Told Me That He No Longer Loved Me”, uploaded by UnErase Poetry is striking all the right chords. 

Life happens, we break-up with people we had once been fanatically in love with. 

There’s nothing worse than watching someone you love, fall out of love with you. My heart, it wrecks your soul. It leaves you with so many questions. So many things, unanswered, unaccounted for. And all you want to do is ask them-

Ah. Life.

Coherence leave you at the very first thought. And, your consciousness flows breaking all the embankments, recklessly. 

This train of thought reaches all the absurd stations. 

You want to know exactly everything that led them to this decision. But what comes out doesn’t even reflect a percent of the tumult that was whirling around in your head.

Watch the whole thing, here.