Thugs of Hindostan is finally out, and despite its star cast and massive budget, the film is a dud. Since there’s always better things you could do with your time than watch Amitabh in a wet blanket, here are some suggestions.

1. Watch paint dry.

Still more interesting than Mugs of Hindostan of whatever.

2. Eat a spoon of cinnamon.

The pain should give you an idea of just how torturous the film is.

3. Try to determine the taste of water.

At least water won’t leave a bad taste in your mouth.

4. Watch a plant grow in real time.

The movie will still feel longer though.


5. Stand outside the hall with a ‘free hugs’ sign.

God knows the poor souls will need it.


6. Draw eyes above your belly button so it looks like a face.

Then make it talk.


7. See how many times you can slap yourself before you pass out.

Personal record – 69.


8. Watch Swami Nithyananda videos.

You’ll probably understand it more than the movie.

9. Try to lick your elbows.

Moist elbows, that’s the dream.

10. Stare at a TV that’s switched off.


Yeah, this got weird. But not as weird the movie!