If you’ve been an ardent Pokémon fan, your most prized possession till date would be all those Pokémon cards, tazzos, jenga cards and even tattoos that you would’ve collected over the years. (Yes, they are) 

But no matter how many of those collectibles you own, there are a few really special and rare cards that you still couldn’t get your hands on. Well, looks like here’s an oportunity to quench that thirst. 


An extremely rare Pokémon card worth $110,000(Rs. 8314982)  might be auctioned by auction house Heritage Auctions. 

Heritage Auction

This ‘super rare card is the Pokémon Super Secret Battle No. 1 Trainer Card which is one of only seven ever produced – and has been dubbed the ‘holy grail’ of collectable cards.  

Heritage Auction

These cards were originally given to the winners of tournaments in Japan which granted them entry to the 1999 finals in Tokyo. 

Apparently, this card is not only rare, but it also provides entry to the finals of the tournament, the location of which is kept hidden to all but the winner. In order to participate in the tournament, players have to present their No. 1 Trainer card at the door to gain entry.  

Australian Online News

Currently, the highest bid stands at just over $15,000 with the auction ending on 8 July. So, if you’re a real Pokémon fan, you know where exactly to catch em’ all.