If you’re a Pokémon fan like me, you’d definitely remember the 1998 movie Pokémon: The First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back. So, what if we say that the same movie is coming back in a whole new avatar? 

That’s right! Netflix and Pokémon just joined hands and released the trailer of the dubbed remake of the same movie.  

The trailer brings back Ash, Pikachu and the entire gang once again and it literally brings some truckloads of nostalgia. 

Not just that, it also brings back Team Rocket and shows the evolution of the strongest Mewtwo. 

The trailer legit brings goosebumps and we can’t wait to watch it.

You can watch the movie exclusively on Netflix on Pokémon Day, February 27, 2020. 

All the screenshots have been sourced from Netflix.