Polish model-turned-actress Angela Krislinski on Tuesday evening took to twitter to not only apologise to actor Hrithik Roshan but also to clarify about the misleading headline used by a media house.

Appreciating her courage for clarifying her stance, the 43-year-old accepted her apology with a reply.

In an interview published by DNA, the foreign actress was quoted saying that Hrithik Roshan is a friend and has acted as her mentor following two TV commercials they did together.

She was quoted as claiming that Roshan had given her a few tips on acting in their very first meeting and that he remembered all the conversations they had in their second meeting last year, during the shoot of an advertisement. 

b’Image Source: Instagram/Angela Krislinzki’

The actress also mentioned in the interview that they both rehearsed together for a day for a T-series musical video but Hrithik suffered an injury and the shoot was called off. 

Taken by a surprise, Roshan took to twitter on Tuesday afternoon to refute the claims made by Krislinski.

Interestingly, the actress blames the ‘misleading’ headline but it’s quite surprising to see that she has made the same claims in a caption of an Instagram post.

Here’s the first TVC they appeared together in:


And the second was that of a deodorant:

Along with a Tollywood film, Angela Krislinski has some 50 commercials to her credit, including one with Irrfan Khan. 

(Fetaure Image Source: Instagram/Angela Krislinski)