The fictional drama of the Underwoods has caught our fancy ever since the first season of House of Cards released on Netflix. The brutal world of politics combined with some excellent plot twists has managed to enthral audiences from all over the world, even those who know very little about American politics.


The political drama genre explores tricky plots with some strong characters who are constantly struggling to be in a place of power and this always provides for great content on television. 

If you enjoy this genre, here are 10 other TV shows that you can binge-watch while waiting for the next season of House of Cards

1. Designated Survivor (2016 – present)

An explosion during the State of the Union kills the President and the entire army of politicians and leaders. The designated survivor, played by Kiefer Sutherland, the guy who has never won an election, then becomes the President of the US and for him, it’s an opportunity that he never wanted. The show is really high on drama and doesn’t drag for a single episode.


2. The West Wing (1999 – 2006)

Created by Aaron Sorkin, The West Wing is one of the best TV shows ever made (in my opinion). The story of President Bartlet along with his core team dealing with the on-goings of the White House makes for some great viewing.


3. Veep (2012 – present)

If you find political dramas too intense and are looking for a comedy, Veep is for you. Julia Louis-Dreyfus plays the Vice President of the US and the story follows the VP and her core team as they constantly stumble in running the office. The show provides a satirical take on politics.


4. Scandal (2012 – present)

Created by the makers of Grey’s Anatomy and How To Get Away With Murder, this show follows Olivia Pope who is a political problem solver. Her crisis management firm also works for the President. There are plenty of scandals on the the show including the one where Olivia Pope is having an affair with the married President.


5. Madam Secretary (2014 – present)

The show follows the life of Dr Elizabeth McCord who works as the US Secretary of State. With a high pressure job of a political and sensitive nature, she also manages to manage her life outside of her job and the show balances the two sides of her life as and when the plot requires.


6. The Crown (2016 – present)

The Netflix series covers the initial years of Queen Elizabeth’s monarchy. The Queen’s power bound by certain limitations, her relationship with the Prime Minister and the internal politics of the royal family form the premise of the show. With some stellar performances and attention to detail in terms of the magnificent sets and costumes, this series has gained a huge following.

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7. Parks and Recreation (2009 – 2015)

This political comedy follows Leslie Knope, played by Amy Poehler, a mid-level bureaucrat in a fictional town in United States. In the world of hard core politics, this show is a breath of fresh air where the lead protagonist loves her tedious job and wants to inspire change.


8. Borgen (2010 – 2013)

This Danish political series revolves around a woman who, against all odds, becomes the first female Prime Minister of Denmark. Apart from her political life, her personal life has a strong track in the show as well. The series has been applauded for its strong portrayal of female characters and it has been noted that the series somehow predicted actual developments in Danish politics.


9. The Thick Of It (2005 – 2012)

This British show is a political satire on the working of a British government. Yes Minister did a fantastic job at a political satire in the 80s and The Thick Of It took the satire game a notch higher.

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10. Political Animals (2012)

This miniseries follows a former First Lady who is now a part of the government. The lead character is particularly similar to Hillary Clinton in terms of their political careers. The show had a limited run of 6 episodes and was extremely acclaimed by the viewers.


Done with House of Cards yet?