We spend hours, days, even weeks to catch up on all the shows that have ever existed. If you’re an avid TV fan, you’ll know that there’s enough content but just not enough time. 

In a short span of a few hours, we grow to love our TV characters. We cry with them, cry for them. There are some we hate and then, there are some we love to hate. 

But the worst are those that annoy us. Their presence, dialogues, everything is irksome and the worst is when their story arc starts affecting our favourite characters.

Here are 20 of the most annoying TV characters from popular shows:

1. Skyler White from Breaking Bad 

While Walter was creating the meth empire, Skyler was the unaware wife who knew nothing of her husband’s business. But even then, she never missed a beat to annoy him and the audience alike. 

No wonder, Walter had to get into a business that made him stay away from his wife for hours.


2. Monica Geller from F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Undoubtedly, Monica is the least fun and the least funniest member of the group. 

She is the character who is brought in when the scene is really fun and they have to dampen it. With her complicated lists and OCD-like behaviour, Monica was the most annoying person on this show.


3. Claire Dunphy from Modern Family

The one who plays tough-cop on her kids, Claire is easily the most annoying character on Modern Family

She’s not funny at all and in most cases, her presence on screen will make you wish for Phil to enter the scene.


4. Alan Harper from Two and a Half Men

This has nothing to do with the post-Charlie era when the show fell flat because Alan was always the same. 

With Charlie Harper as his brother, Alan never stood a chance to outshine him but in his effort to come across as responsible, he only looked like a boring, annoying middle-aged man.


5. Susan Delfino from Desperate Housewives

Out of the show’s four primary characters, Susan was clearly the woman who had a hard time making up her mind. 

Her immature, childish behaviour might have worked for her if she was in her 20s but having a daughter way more sensible than her just reflected badly on Susan.


6. Debra Morgan from Dexter

For years, she thought her brother was her confidante until she found out that he was a serial killer. 

Not only was she a really bad detective (who didn’t know her brother was a psychopath), her existence on the show didn’t really matter until she fell in love with her brother. And even then, Debra stayed annoying.


7. Owen Hunt from Grey’s Anatomy

We spent a couple of seasons trying to know Owen Hunt. Sure, we know of his sister and the war stories but do we really know him? 

Cristina Yang or Amelia Shepherd, Hunt has always had the same set of dialogues with all the women he has dated and even the content has stayed the same (Read: I want to have a baby).


8. Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City

As we have mentioned before, there was nobody else on the show who was as self-involved as her. 

She would spend 30 seconds listening to her friend’s problems and then start blabbering on about herself. She cheered for love for the longest time but was quick to cheat when she got the chance.


9. Lily Aldrin from How I Met Your Mother

There are many similarities between HIMYM and F.R.I.E.N.D.S but the worst thing the HIMYM creators could have taken from the show was to create another Monica-like character and making her even more annoying. 

Neither was she wise, nor was she fun. She was just there, in EVERY EPISODE.


10. Piper Chapman from Orange Is the New Black

This show started with Piper as the primary character but as the show progressed, we and the creators alike, realised that in a show with some other, truly interesting characters, Piper was the worst. 

Her ‘thing’ with Alex was clearly stretched and her in-prison business only had our attention until Ruby Rose was on the show.


11. Bernadette from The Big Bang Theory

Let’s start with her voice. That shrieky, high-pitched tone of is enough to drive anyone away. 

Add to that, how she has interrupted the bro-mance between Raj and Howard, there is no way she could’ve skipped this list.


12. Theon Greyjoy from Game of Thrones

GOT has been through a lot and so has Theon (remember, Reek?). But through all of this, Theon has managed to stay as annoying as he was in the very beginning. 

He was smug, mean, ungrateful and of course, he paid for all of that but even when he has turned over a new leaf, we don’t have much hope for him.


13. Jess from New Girl

Jess is popularly considered to be the eccentric but excited regular woman. 

Well, if this is a regular woman, we’ve all been living a lie because not all the women in real life are as annoying as her.


16. Jack Shephard from Lost

Agreed that he is the lead character of one of the BEST SHOWS EVER. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that Jack was the most annoying man on the island. 

Always a kill joy, Jack was mostly seen opposing Locke and Sawyer and sometimes, we were left wondering if Jack just wanted to establish his control on the mysterious island.


17. Nancy Wheeler from Stranger Things

Her best friend, Barb, went missing and all her attention was on the two boys. If that is not annoying, then, what is?


18. Marnie Michaels from Girls

The show clearly spends all its time on Hannah and yet, with even the little screen space that Marnie gets, she manages to be the most annoying. 

She was the uptight one in the beginning and if you thought that was the reason for her being annoying, wait till you watch the later seasons where she becomes a musician. Trust me, Marnie starts getting unbearable!


19. Rebecca Bunch from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Rebecca’s craziness was really cute in the beginning but as the series progressed, she turned creepy and by the end of the second season, it actually turned scary. 

Her presence got annoying from the beginning of the second season itself but that finale was the final nail in the coffin.


20. Rachel Berry from Glee

Rachel’s starry tantrums were a little too much for a high school club. Add to that her self absorbed behaviour and Rachel grew more and more annoying with each passing season.


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