While I was glued to my screen binge-watching Amazon Prime Video’s nail-biting crime-thriller, Paatal Lok, I realised that there was something spine-chilling about the musical build-up in almost every scene.  


If you’re anything like me and have been tripping on the catchy, haunting soundtracks of Paatal Lok, let me introduce you to Naren Chandavarkar and Benedict Taylor. They’re the mastermind composers behind controlling your mind with their rhythmic music. 

Live Mint

With their unconventional sonic compositions, the duo has been winning our hearts for a very long time. We bet you didn’t know that they have composed the background scores and a few soundtracks in these famous movies: 

1. Ghoul 

2. Newton 

3. Qarib Qarib Single 

4. Killa 

5. Sonchiriya

6. Gurgoan 

7. Raghu Rai – An Unframed Portrait 

8. The Ship Of Theseus

9. That Girl in Yellow Boots 

10. Nil Battey Sannata 

11. Udta Punjab 

12. Balekempa

13. Laal Captan 


Also, I don’t know who needs to know this fun fact but Benedict Taylor is a world-renowned violinist who also happens to be Radhika Apte’s husband. 

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Chandavarkar and Taylor along with knowledge about their respective cultures are creating a new-age sonic revolution in filmography with their distinctive music compositions.