We all grew up watching FRIENDS  as kids. We all loved the characters. They were so relatable. We loved HIMYM. These characters were not relatable but they were still fun. Game of Thrones‘ Tyrion Lannister is so awesome, as is the genius that is Sherlock Holmes. But have you ever wondered what would happen if you ever happened to cross paths with any of them?

If you happen to chance upon Sherlock, it would be either because you are dead or you will be receiving a live commentary of how stupid you are. A Walter White or a Green Arrow would probably mean that your happy days are at an end. So, we made a list of some of such characters, you must avoid at all cost; that is if you can.

1. Sheldon Cooper – Big Bang Theory

You may laugh at his jokes but he is an asocial being with narcissistic tendencies.

Dr. Sheldon Cooper is (B.S., M.S., M.A., Ph.D., Sc.D) a theoretical physicist at Caltech University, who received his first Ph.D. at the age of 16. Now, for the uninitiated, he is a genius scientist. But for the watchers of the show, Sheldon is kind of a total dick. He is stubborn, self-obsessed, and undermines his friends as stupid at every go. He has a particular stingy set of rules he lives by and forces his roommate to follow them. One of these rules includes using the toilet at only scheduled times during the day. What is worse is his inability to recognise human emotions, making it a one-way train ride to hell.  


2. Barney Stinson – HIMYM

His legendary suits cannot hide his misogynic treatment of women.

Sure, he is awesome. He wears dope suits and his entire bedroom wall is a TV. And he is funny. But think about it, he is a douchebag, man. The guy is again, narcissistic and highly manipulative. He seems fun on TV but imagine him being your friend in real life. Every bar you go to, your table will be called the table of creeps. He will also be relentlessly hitting on your girlfriend, sister or your mother for that matter. 


3. Jesse Pinkman – Breaking Bad

The blue-eyed sidekick to Walter White is a drug peddler of the worst kind. 

Pinkman is easily one of the most loved characters on TV. His evolution from a pot smoking carefree teenager to a guilt ridden man within the span of a few seasons was one of best character developments in the history of television. But here’s the thing. As complicated as his character might be, Pinkman is still a drug dealer, responsible for the death of many. His devastated self by the end of the show could have also been the result of his addiction. Besides, you really want to hang out with a guy who gets shot at, for a living? 


4. Dean Winchester – Supernatural

Don’t get fooled by his Disney prince eyes, he is a murderer with multiple cases of homicides against him.

Now, he has saved the world multiple times in CW’s longest running show of all time. Dean Winchester is devilishly charming and has selflessly put bad guys 6ft under. But here’s the thing. His mom and dad are dead because of him. Most of his friends are either dead or in worse places. All his love interests are dead. Basically, he follows death on a daily basis and you don’t want to be anywhere close to him. 


5. Tyrion Lannister – Game of Thrones

A small man can cast a large shadow and his shadow will most likely get you killed.

Yes. Don’t be surprised. Your life will be chill AF till it isn’t anymore. You will be having a rich friend who loves spending on you, while you spend most of your time being drunk. But you will also be facing the rage of his father and sister, who will do anything to get to him and that anything would probably end up being you. 


6. Ted Mosby – HIMYM

 Mosby was a cry baby, who lied to women, cheated on them, all to find the One. And after all that fuss he made about the One, we see him being in love with Robin all the while, despite knowing that she did not want the things he did in life. If you see this guy on the streets, do not talk to him. He might say, “I love you” within 5 minutes. 


7. Eric Cartman – South Park

Cartman is just an arsehole. There are no two ways about it. 

Who are we kidding? Eric Cartman is awesome. Except when he is being a racist, casteist, narcissistic, trouble making piece of shit. We understand that the genre of the show is satire but Cartman just takes it too far for a school kid. 


8. Phoebe Buffay – FRIENDS

She is funny and free spirited but you will have to deal with her being obnoxious all the time. 

Phoebe was a vital part in the lives of those who watched FRIENDS. She was nice and weird and funny and formed an essential part of the group. That being said, she was crazy. And even though she insisted on playing the guitar at the cafe, she totally sucked. She avoided responsibilities and told herself lies to hide from her disturbing past. She was irritating and irrational at times. Remember the one time she refused to believe in evolution?


9. Daryl Dixon – The Walking Dead

His rugged looks will make you zombie food if it means saving his own life. 

Daryl Dixon is hot! He is dirty and psychotic but he is a fan favourite. Not the brightest bulb in the gang, but Dixon has a good heart. It, however, must be noted that he is most likely to kill you and if you piss him off, he will. He is extremely emotionally unstable and gets involved in too much shit. Well, he lives in a zombie infested world but was he to exist in the civilised society, he would probably be in one of the biker gangs that terrorise the city. 

b’Source: tumblr’

10. George Bluth Sr. – Arrested Development

He might look like an adorable grandpa but he is one of the crony capitalists that will sell you to the dogs. 

Sure, George Oscar Bluth Sr. was a self-made millionaire, who in his own ways, love this family. And for someone running from the FBI, he had some skills. Or the FBI was just stupid. But take this into account, in over five decades that he ran the Bluth Company, he stole huge amounts of money and built unlawful houses in Iraq for Saddam Hussein. Moreover, when he escaped prison, he hid in his own attic with the help of his grandson, making him an accomplice! 


11. Richard Castle – Castle

He is cute and resourceful but his clingy habits will leave you with no personal space. 

Castle is an adventure junkie. He is addicted to crimes. And even when he is on the job, he is constantly messing up, often putting the lives of people around him in danger. Add being a jerk to that list and you can understand why you should completely avoid him. 


12. Sherlock Holmes – Sherlock

He will let you get kidnapped if he thinks it’s a good challenge to rescue you.

Holmes is the stuff of legends. Think of him as a more practical Sheldon with better knowledge of the outside world. Without the educational degrees, of course. Holmes is rude and vile at almost all times. He does not care about what inconvenience he causes others, all because he considers himself to be the smartest kid on the block. In his own words, he is a high-functioning sociopath. 


13. Rachel Green – Friends

Don’t be fooled by her good looks, if she’s around, she wants something. 

The entire 10 seasons of FRIENDS revolved around Rachel’s on and off love story with Ross. Played by Jennifer Aniston, Rachel considered herself to be the prettiest in the group; the prom queen, so to speak and she was horrible to people. She was selfish and would often manipulate others into doing her bidding. She also went ahead to interrupt Ross’ wedding because she realised she was in love with him.


14. Harvey Specter – Suits

He is just not a good friend to emotionally invest in. That’s all. 

Harvey Specter uses his intelligence, good looks and wit to close most deals. He is never afraid of risks and often gets into his opponent’s face, just to make sure that everybody knows he is in control. The problem with this character is his trust issues and inability to talk about his personal feelings. He is an unthankful bastard who would never appreciate your efforts and drain you emotionally. 


15. Cam Tucker – Modern Family

He is the sweet Papa that every daughter needs but really that level of emotional distress is way too much to bear.

Cam Tucker plays one-half of the gay couple in the show. He is husband and a father and plays those roles to perfection. The problem lies with his habit of being melodramatic and making little situations turn into disasters. He is a clown and often forces his daughter to take up the career. He forces his husband, Mitchell to go to public spaces that he is not comfortable in. Cam might be a good person at heart but too long with him and you will be spending your days trying to solve his problems. 


16. Jake Peralta – Brooklyn 99

He sure is funny but also highly irresponsible and hasn’t grown up since he was 16. 

There is nothing “NOICE” about a 30-something-year-old careless cop, who is late for taxes, bills, dentist appointments, and maturity. Peralta sure is funny but is highly dysfunctional. He does not have a life outside the catching criminals and when you meet him face to face instead of watching him as a third person on TV, he will come off as a complete idiot. 


Now, you might love all these characters and some, you might have even grown up with but remember that they are all either psychologically imbalanced, incapable of dealing with emotions or psychopaths with guns.