Bollywood or the Indian film industry has been our major source of entertainment. But there are a lot of problematic concepts and principles Bollywood still follows. 

We need to change it and get done with it right away. As we enter the new year soon, here are some changes we expect from our Indian film industry in 2022. 

1. Give more chances to actors and not just stars

Talented actors are often deprived of good opportunities in films. They deserve more time on screen, they deserve better roles, and the list goes on. We hope 2022 can bring that change to Bollywood.

2.  Can we please have more women-centric content?

No doubt, 2021 had some good women-centric films and shows. We had Rashmi Rocket, Thalaivi, 200 Halla Bol, Madam Chief Minister, and more. But there is still a lot of casual sexism and objectification in the industry, which answers the question about why we need women-centric content. 

3. Equal pay to female actors.

It’s not a hidden truth that pay disparity exists in many sectors. Recently, Deepika was dropped out of a film for asking for equal pay as her husband. The gender pay gap exists and we need to stop this crap. Is it too much to ask for what you deserve? 


4. More original stories than sequels, please.

Most of the sequels don’t work. I mean, who needs a sequel for Housefull or Dhoom. It only leads to spoiling the original movie. Why did we even have a sequel for Love Aajkal? It literally ruined part one for me. 

5. Fair age gap between the male and female co-stars.

This has been a problem for a decade now. In every Bollywood movie, you will see how prevalent this casual sexism is; the heroine is replaced by a younger one, but the male lead never gets old. What kind of utter crap is this? Stop it now!

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6. Stop remixing all the songs.

This has obviously become a fad now. We have a remix for every other song, which technically destroys the original one. Not every remix will work, and Bollywood should start creating some original good music. 


7. Can we have more realism in mainstream cinema?

What worked 20 years ago will not work now. With OTT being the biggest competition, movies like Coolie no 1 or even Sooryavanshi may not work in the coming years. Bollywood, we need more authentic stories!

8. Not romanticising stalking or any kind of abusive behavior.

Considering the influence the Hindi film industry holds, it owes this responsibility to the audience. Bollywood be very careful with what you romanticise on screen. Slapping a woman or kidnapping someone is not an ideology Bollywood should promote. 


9. Know what you are preaching!

As celebrities, brand endorsements are a part of your job. You influence the masses, so make sure you don’t end up promoting colourism, or any other stereotypes.


10. Stop misrepresenting communities!

The LGBTQ community is often misrepresented or made fun of. A homosexual man does not hit on every guy he sees. The transgender community is not scary as represented in Laxmi, not to mention the ultimate disaster Dostana

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The list does not end here. Let us know what change you expect to see in Bollywood in 2022.