How often have you broken down while watching a film? Like with real, legitimate tears as if a personal tragedy had struck home. Alright, if not extreme sorrow, then there must have been times watching a show when you were shocked so badly that life ceased to make sense temporarily.

powerful movie scenes

That’s the thing about fiction – it can make you feel things and take you places you’ve never experienced before. This is what happened when Joffrey Baratheon ordered for Ned Stark’s head. The horror, the shock, the rage, the sorrow, the betrayal – all amalgamated into one nerve-wracking heartbreak.

game of thrones epic scene

Or when — out of nowhere — Arya Stark emerged to kill the Knight King and left us conflicted about our feelings on the final season of the Game of Thrones.

game of thrones epic scene
Harper’s Bazaar

Now, these were the scenes that left us dumbstruck. There are still many others that made us sobbers of the ages. So, we asked around, scrolled online, and found people sharing their rendition of that one fictional scene which stayed with them long after its source concluded.

people name scenes that stayed with them

1. “Tony Stark’s death in Avengers: End Game broke me.”


IGN India

2. “‘Kehte hain agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaho, toh puri kainaat usse tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai…humari filmon ki tarah humari zindagi mein bhi sab kuch thik hi ho jata hai. Happys Ending. Aur agar thik na ho…picture abhi baaki hai mere dost.’ – THIS.”


people name movie scenes that stayed with them
Cinema Grabs

3. “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. When Jim’s character is reliving childhood memories: Hiding under the table, getting caught masturbating, and his friends killing the bird. Something about his grown-man form representing himself as a child really struck me on an internal level.”


people name movie scenes that stayed with them
Rotten Tomatoes

4. “Bhoothnath becoming a star is my childhood trauma. It has stayed with me cos it scarred me.”


people name movie scenes that stayed with them
Scene from Bhoothnath

5. “Kevin in the first season of This is Us. When he tries explaining the meaning of life through his painting – how we’re all a splotch in life’s bigger picture, how our stories begin long before our existence and continue long after, our journeys, albeit separate, are all uniquely intermingled. THAT was deep, and I’ll never forget it.”

Prakriti Srivasatava

people name show scenes that stayed with them
TV Fanatic

6. “Sardar Khan dying in Wasseypur Part 1 shocked the F out of me. There’s no topping that. He gave his all to take revenge for his father’s death, shaved his head for 20 years, and planned his entire life to kill Ramadhir, only for his wife to help Qureshi to get him killed. It was shocking, heart-breaking.”


people name powerful movie scenes that stayed with them

7. “Lame example, but I’ll never forget the scene with Aragog in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I was probably 10 or so at the time and remember crying from fear, it was so real to me at the time.”


people name powerful movie scenes that stayed with them
Webchoice Blogger

8. “Priyanka in Bajirao Mastani with “aap ne to humse hamara guroor hi cheen liya…” – that one line. I got goosebumps literally. And she outshone Deepika and Ranveer in the movie by a long shot. Incredible!”


people name powerful movie scenes that stayed with them

9. “The last scene of Se7en… ‘what’s in the box?’ – it was, for the lack of a better word, mortifying. It was shocking, it was tragic, it was everything I would never have imagined it could be. The extreme chaos, anger, sadness, intensity of the scene is unforgettable.”


people name powerful movie scenes that stayed with them
No Film School

10. “Omg in Darr when SRK realized that Juhi would never love him and had no ounce of care for him while he was dying. I felt a little bad ngl.”


people name powerful movie scenes that stayed with them

11. “Love peaked for me with Rose jumped from the boat and ran towards Jack. That entire sequence. The music. Her being pulled down. The fireworks behind Jack. Her leap of faith. The eventual hug. Ahh, I broke down. I was a kid but that was my first heartbreak.”

– Radhika

people name powerful movie scenes that stayed with them

Come to think of it, it’s almost impossible to believe the actors were acting. The emotion felt so real it’s hard to imagine it wasn’t. It’s disillusioning.