Disclaimer: Leave your brain behind before watching this scene

We have come across many cringe scenes in films in which logic had no role to play. Well, if you, by any chance, watched pan-Indian star, Prabhas’ 2019 movie, Saaho, you will definitely wonder if the makers smoked something while filming the following scene which is nothing but illogical.

The sequence in discussion shows Prabhas making a safe landing via parachute. However, his process of throwing himself out in the air like Superman is cringe AF. The scene has gone viral on Twitter.

Screenshot credits: Netflix

Netflix Indonesia, @NetflixID, posted the clip of the scene on the micro-blogging platform in which the Saaho actor can be seen throwing a bag in the air before he jumps off the cliff. Then, he turns into a desi superman as he is following the bag only to catch it later. Prabhas then ties it on his back and opens a parachute making a safe landing.

Watch the clip here:

Twitterati have been discussing the scene and cringing hard. Some netizens are making fun of it.

Rest in peace, Mr. Logic.

Some Twitter users also claimed it to be banzai skydiving, however, it is just a rumoured jumping which has no credible proof or evidence that it exists or not. Anyway, this was definitely cringe AF. Superman ko toh chod do yaar!

What do you think of the scene?