To quench our thirst for good content, TVF dropped the second season of highly-anticipated comedy-drama Panchayat on Amazon Prime Video

Our anticipation for this new chapter grew, not merely because we were desperate to see Abhishek and Rinky’s love blossom, but also because we wanted to see Prahlad (Faisal Malik) and Vikas‘ (Chandan Roy) everyday shenanigans, that ooze nothing but innocence. 

The show’s beauty resides in the fact that the story was not hooked on the protagonist (Jeetendra Kumar) but rather was shared fairly among all the Phulera-waasi. 

The well-timed humour combined with brilliant acting chops is what sets the supporting cast of Panchayat apart, right from the first season. 

Prahlad and Vikas, primarily, immerse themselves in the situation which is why they seem so effortless. They don’t utter dialogues, they convey emotions.

The makers of the show also deserve the credit because they have designed these characters in a way that they can’t ever get sidelined. The supporting cast is leveraged to its maximum potential and is often shown to have opinions on matters that didn’t even concern them, proving how significant they are to the plot.

Can we ever forget how Prahlad and Vikas rescued Sachivji by thwarting Vinod from doing his deed? That scene heightened my anxiety more than my work overload ever did!

Every scene that has accommodated them has brought a smile to our faces, and we won’t mind watching each of their antics over and over again. 

They were the embodiment of modesty, wearing their hearts on their sleeves for literally everyone. Why else would you weep copiously like a baby and feel so strongly about Prahlad’s loss?

Prahlad and Vikas, in my opinion, eclipsed even the main characters in the show. They’ve made a way to my heart and simply refuse to leave.