Looks like a good opportunity is likely to slip out of the hands of Bollywood actress Kajol. 

The Prasar Bharti board is contemplating over the removal of the 42-year-old actress as a member for failing to attend its meetings. 

According to a report filed by the Hindustan Times, the information and broadcasting ministry is currently examining the matter as Kajol who was appointed as a part-time member of the board in February 2016, has skipped the last four meetings.  

And as per the rules of the board, the report suggests that any member who skips three consecutive meetings without the permission of the chairman is liable for the removal from the post.

The report has further quoted her spokesperson saying “Kajol, unfortunately, has not been able to attend the last three-four meetings due to prior professional commitments and also due to a family emergency on medical grounds through most of this year. Prior to this, she attended the meetings. She regrets that she has been unable to attend the last few meetings.”

It comes as a surprise as the reasons cited by her spokesperson is slightly different from what Mumbai Mirror has reported about Kajol. 

The report suggests that the actress is taking off to Maldives with her family on a 12-day vacation. 

(All Image Source: Instagram)