As the death count increases and people are struggling to find hospital beds for their ailing ones, India is in dire need of help. Stories from across the country of those in need are making rounds, one such is that of comedian Prashasti Singh. 

Prashasti took to Instagram to narrate her experience from a Covid hospital ward, where her mother is admitted. 

Bribing ward help to get those priced oxygen tanks for your patient, and running ahead to be the first to drag the tank away is the harsh reality of this situation. This is not an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, this is our real life now. 

The country is seeing more than 2 Lakh infections per day, a number that is on a steady rise. Prashasti’s story leaves you teary eyed and makes you think about everything that is going wrong. Where a hospital bed is a privilege and medicines luxury, are we too exhausted to think about others?

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If you are healthy, please stay home and stay safe.