After winning over the entire nation with his stellar act as Harshad Mehta in Hansal Mehta’s web series Scam 1992, Pratik Gandhi is all set to make his Hindi movie debut with Raavan Leela (Bhavai). 

Gandhi plays the role of a young man who stars as Raavan in a local play, and falls for the woman playing Sita (portrayed by Aindrita Ray). 

However, in a society where religion is used to divide, rather than unite, his affection is taken as a topic to rouse people, and attack ‘Raavan’ and ‘Sita’.

The film, which also stars Abhimanyu Singh and Rajesh Sharma, among others, appears to be an intelligent commentary on the evil that lurks in our society and hides in the name of religion. 

You can watch the trailer here: 

All images are screenshots from the trailer. The film releases on October 1.