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Ok. I admit it, I have Beiber fever. The symptoms first appeared when this cute little boy with a voice of an angel crooned “Baby” and traipsed his adorable way into my heart. And that fever has only grown with each song, each chart topping number and every suave move that JB does on stage. The high point of my fandom arrived when he sang “Where are you now when I need ya” in that voice of longing. Such was the magic that I wanted to tear into the TV, hug him and reassure him, repeatedly, that I’m there for him. Even if no one else is.

b’I am here. Pick me. PICK ME!’

Just look at his face. Can you tell that he’s a platinum recording artist and a veritable rock star behind that innocent face? YES, YOU CAN.

b’*sigh* Why is he so dreamy?xc2xa0′

So when ONLY decided to launch their limited edition ONLYFORBEIBER collection, motivated by his unique street-style for the first time ever, it only seemed fitting for the world to go berserk over this. So, as the most fashion-forward person among my peers (look at me being modest), I decided to curate some looks from this collection, for secret Beiber fans like me. And browsing through the collection, I must say, instant shopping pangs were felt. Check out the entire collection here.

This fabulous cropped tee that is wearing the hell out of Disha Patani

This fabulous grunge tee that is sparking some Beiber fever in me. Like, SRSLY.

A white t-shirt of Beiber wearing a white t-shirt. So much Beiber-ception! *drools*

 This stylish t-shirt that is anything but basic.

 This ‘Purpose’ t-shirt that is quickly becoming giving my life purpose.

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