Ever since we stumbled upon a video of Priya Malik’s poem titled, ” 2019 mein 1999“, the 90s kid inside us that’s still looking for love couldn’t stop clicking our fingers. 

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This inspiring video was uploaded by Spill Poetry and has touched on various topics from changing trends to channeling your true self. 

We hand-picked our favourite moments from her performance that spoke to us: 

Certain desires and wants only grow stronger with time. 

She starts her performance by expressing how certain desires and wants have still not changed with time. She made us believe that certain things will remain to be our constants. 

She beautifully explained how in the midst of changing trends and materialism, she’s looking for someone who’s down-to-earth. 

In a world full of changing trends, she’s looking for someone who sees beyind 

She sternly rules out the option of toxic masculinity with her feminist stance.  

Just because she’s looking for someone who believes in physical touch more than virtual reality, it doesn’t imply that she’s looking for someone who’s captured in the thoughts and ideologies of patriarchy. 

Watch the full video below: 

Design Credits: Nupur Agrawal