At this point, if the world fails one woman, it basically means that the world has failed all women, everywhere. And so, hearing Priyanka Chopra talk about how she was shamed for her age and body  is truly very disappointing. 

On an episode of the Victoria Secret’s VS Voices podcast, the actor spoke about the time period of her life when she’d lost her father and was turning to food for comfort. She said that she received a lot of judgement on the internet about how her body had changed. 

I think over time when my body started changing and I went through that phase when I was eating my emotions, my body started changing, I reached my 30s, I went through struggle because I used to get online grief from people like, ‘You are looking different, you are ageing’, this and that. It messed with my mind at that time. My mind was already in such a dark place and I didn’t have time for it. My relationship with social media changed, my relationship with the internet changed… I incubated myself in a way where I protected myself, I went into my Cancerian self-preservation self and got back into my shell..

-Priyanka Chopra on the Victoria Secret’s VS Voices podcast

The celeb also went on to talk about how she never truly had the time to assess the beauty standards she was pushed to mould herself to when she began her journey in the entertainment industry. So much so that she also fell into the pattern of changing her natural hair texture as well. 

Obviously, being raised in the industry and having such a tight lens on what my shape was, what my figure was or what my measurements were, minutely looking at every part of me, I kind of grew up for a while in my 20s, thinking that was normal…..I never used my natural texture for years. I used to always just have blown out hair. 

-Priyanka Chopra on the Victoria Secret’s VS Voices podcast

Clearly, the actor has weathered quite a lot of turmoil that comes with being a role model, public figure and a part of the entertainment industry. In the podcast, she also mentioned that it took her 2 years to heal her relationship with her body and image. 

I think it’s a phase. Every one of us will go through their ups and downs, but eventually, the sooner we start choosing ourselves, the better life becomes, when we get rid of the noise of what the expectation of someone else is

-Priyanka Chopra on the Victoria Secret’s VS Voices podcast

What’s inspiring is that the Fashion actor said that she gave herself whatever her body and soul needed when she was healing herself. Whether that was eating a pizza in the middle of the night or going for a run!

It’s so empowering to see her in the place she is today.