That Priyanka Chopra is a trailblazing queen is no breaking news. 


She is a former Miss World, an actor, singer, a feminist icon, American television star… phew!

This is how we do it.. #thanksgiving #foodcoma ❤️🙏🏼🥂🎉

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There is no hat that she hasn’t donned and aced. It is, therefore, easy to believe that she is one of the busiest people in the world. 

Officially Thanxgiving break!!! #LAbound #cantwait #party #family

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So when her newest co-actor from Quantico tweeted this, it did not come as a shocker.

She got mail, she got plenty of mails, look at that choked inbox! 


We may not be as famous, or as awesome as she is, but we know the feeling right? As soon as the photo was tweeted, Twitter screamed ‘Likewise.’ 

This is basically all of us. (barring the numbers, of course!)

Oh, the sweet feeling of letting the world go into a frenzy while you sheepishly enjoy your peaceful solitude. Your boss may have sent you your termination letter in that email, but you don’t care, do ya? 

Been there, done that!

Same. Priyanka. Same.