Priyanka Chopra is creating ripples with her work both at home and abroad. She has been a role model to girls everywhere and her struggle to fame will just make you respect her more.

Priyanka’s mother, Dr. Madhu Chopra is just as powerful a woman as her and in an interview with Deccan Chronicle, she talked about Priyanka’s journey in the industry.


She talked about her genuine insecurities as a mother of a female actor and laid many facts bare:

“She was just 17 when she entered the industry, so I accompanied her every minute of the day till about three years ago.”

She went on to reveal instances where Priyanka walked out of projects because she was made to feel uncomfortable.

“So a gentleman meets her and says: ‘Will your mother sit outside while I narrate the story to you?”

To this Priyanka said:

‘If it is a story that my mother can’t hear then it is a story that I cannot do.’ 
“Another time, a designer told her that the director’s brief was to dress her in itsy-bitsy clothes. The director had said, ‘What is the point of having a Miss World in front of the camera if we cannot show her as her beautiful self?

Priyanka was already a big name by the time she entered Hollywood and according to her mother, things were different there.

“They gave Priyanka a lot of respect. If you live on your own terms, the struggle is bigger but the outcome is sweeter too. This is my advice to every girl. Do not compromise and life will be sweeter for you.”

While acknowledging that it was easier for Priyanka as she was Miss World, she has a word of advice for all the strugglers out there.

“As for the film industry, I know that Priyanka came as Miss World; she was at a position of advantage. She didn’t struggle. She didn’t go through the bad patches. The most important thing to inculcate is that this is not the end of life. If you don’t want it then say no. You have many other career choices. Some people may have entered the industry as a desperate measure. My advice to them is ‘stop’. Do not succumb to any pressure. Don’t go against your conscience or values.”

This is truly inspiring and we salute Priyanka for always choosing to hold her head up high and her mother for always standing by her side.